til death do us part

It is no secret that come the summertime, brooding young couples start getting married.  Recently, at least a dozen people I know from high school or college are now giving their vows and calling it quits in the dating pool.  Although this scares me to a slight degree, I can’t help but gawk over the photos, the dress, the details… I just adore weddings.  For a while when I was still in events, I thought I even wanted to be a wedding planner (a dream which shortly after fizzled due to watching the show Bridezillas – yikes)!

Albeit my avoidance of all things stressful, I love to entertain, and weddings are the ultimate party.  So yesterday, when my girl friend Shannon came in to show me an event planner’s site, whom she had met with that day, I just about died and went to heaven.  Canvas & Canopy (Events by Cortni) is THE MOST ADORABLE site ever.  Her events look so cute I want to eat them.  Everything from the invitations, to the food dislpay, to the napkin folds to the photo montages are charming, unique, amazing.  It makes me want to fall in love more than seeing an old couple sitting on a porch together.

I plan on getting married 6 times just so I can reuse all of here ingenius wedding themes.  My personal favorite is Bali Love.  What do you think?

Seaside Garden

 Bali Love

Palm Springs Modern


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