a case of the monday blues

I have always paid very close attention to detail and found pleasure in some of the little things that make up the bits and pieces of my childhood memory.  The feeling of my baby blanket on my eyes, the smell of Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, the sound of my dad grinding coffee every morning.  Particularly, the many memories surrounding my Grandma’s house stick out from the rest.  The stage for every family production, my Grandma’s house contained many sights, smells, sounds, tastes and feelings that still resonate with me today and have shaped my elegant, traditional, country domestic tendencies.

Blue Danube Dinnerware

Family gatherings typically revolved around food growing up, and my Grandma’s house was the perfect place to host a large group.  Which was convenient for us, because there were a lot of us.  Most of the nicer China that only collected dust in the old armoire wasn’t large enough of a set to cover the spread our family usually occupied.  Instead, for family gatherings, we always used what Nonny lined her kitchen cabinets with.  The Blue Danube Collection has been retired and blacklisted from the manufacturer’s roster, making it a family heirloom.  Nonny always kept at least 2 sets in the kitchen, with matching linens and accessories to boot.  The delicate designs and pattern of the paisley dinnerware was charming, and the color palette represented an ongoing theme throughout parts of the house.

Luckily, the Blue Danube style of elegantly scribed blue and white home goods are still considered a timeless classic.  Lately, as I window shop all the chic decor catalogs, I am inherently drawn to the blue and white items.  I don’t know if its because of the nostalgic feeling it gives me, or because it is simply aesthetically pleasing.  With the potential to convey a modern, country or oceanic theme, there is plenty of opportunity to work this cool combo into any room.  For linens, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and IKEA all have some nice modern options for this traditional combo.

Crate&Barrel Camille Dinnerware

These types of collections, whether it be linen or dinnerware, are great for holidays and brunch buffets.  It is a great template look for any in home affair, and as I learned throughout my childhood, can be used for everyday enjoyment as well.  Typically, the blue and white items tend to start circulating in the summer, so it may be the ideal time to get ahead and start scooping up sale items that fall into the same category.

I also really like the look of blue glass, not only because it adds a punch of color to the table, but also because it is easy to look clean and hide watermarks.  Crate & Barrel and Sur La Table have some nice options, but blue glassware can be found at just about any store that carries quality dinnerware collections.  Crate & Barrel’s Camille Collection is a nice new version of the Blue Danube set, with similar nature inspired images and an overall elegant look.

Pottery Barn Matine Drapes

Anthropologie Paisley Quilt

Alvine Figur Cushion from IKEA


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