crunchy brunch at home

One of the activities I savor on the weekends is breakfast.  For five days straight, I spend my mornings rushing through the essentials: get up, feed the dog, shower, dry hair, get dressed, grab lunch, take vitamins, drive to work.  Breakfast just never makes the cut, and on the rare occasion it does, it is typically in the form of a grab & go treat like a yogurt or granola bar.  But come Saturday and Sunday, I am up early working up an appetite for a magnificent morning meal.

This past weekend, I made one of my favorite breakfast treats… An egg sandwich.  The best thing about this delicacy is that you can enjoy it any time of day – morning, afternoon or night.  And I don’t mean some thick nasty egg salad sandwich, I’m talking about a delicious treat that resembles Adam Sandler’s midnight snack from Spanglish.  I am a big fan of crunchy textures, salty flavors, and dipping so this delightful breakfast sandwich is an easy go-to recipe for yourself or while entertaining a few guests.

This is one of those recipes that you can alter as you like, but after many different variations, this is my favorite.  You will want to start by laying out all the components of your creation.  I stick with the basics: whole wheat toast, turkey, egg, avocado, cheese and some spicy mayo.

Once you have everything laid out, you will want to spray a nonstick pan and set it on medium heat.  At the same time, turn on the broiler for your bread.  You will be placing the bread on the center rack of the over to toast while you cook your egg.

When you fry your egg, you want to make sure you cook it evenly on both sides, WITHOUT breaking the yolk.  My Uncle Syd gave me many tips and tests to cook a perfect over-easy egg.  Who wants a fried egg if you can’t dip into that delicious runny yolk?

Drop your egg towards the edge of the pan so it doesn’t run all over the place and so that you have a side surface to flip the egg off of.  You will want to let the egg cook for a few minutes and check to see the whites are set and the edges are crinkly.  You also want to be sure you can unstick the egg from the surface of the pan so you can easily flip the egg.  Now it may take you a few tries, but flipping an egg can be a total disaster if you don’t take necessary care.  On it’s way down meet the egg halfway and follow its path downward so that the yolk is cradled and doesn’t shatter on the pan.  Once your egg lands safely, it is smooth sailing from there.  Leave the egg on the pan for about 30 seconds and then slide it onto a piece of toast.

Give the pan an extra coat of spray to quickly grill the turkey for your sandwich.  It will only take about 2 minutes per side to get it lightly grilled and then you can add it to the pile.

Whether you just use avocado or arugula like me, or add tomatoes, pepperoncini’s, cream cheese or sprouts, you will stack your goods on top of either side before sealing the deal.  This is also the time to dress your sandwich with any other condiments, like ketchup, mayo, mustard, hot sauce, whatever.  If I don’t have some of that yummy gluten free Bitchin Chipotle Sauce, I will make my own concoction of Sriracha and Light Mayo to go with my sandwich.

Once you put both halves together you are ready to slice and dip your crunchy, salty, toasted snack in all of its glory.  In the movie Spanglish, Adam Sandler enjoys this with a tall, dark beer.  If you aren’t a fan of drinking in the morning, an iced coffee is a nice accessory.

Bon Appetit! xo


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