style profile: will and jada pinkett-smith

Will & Jada’s high profile life gives them reason enough to retreat to this lavish Malibu home.  The rustic beauty is filled with polished woods, wrought iron, rich patterns and earth tones.  For the couple, “it was a spiritual endeavor,” Jada tells Architectural Digest.  And it shows.  The African and Middle Eastern influences are palpable, and create a well balanced home for a busy family like the Smith’s.

I have always had a deep appreciation for world religion and after studying art history and religion courses in college, began to adapt aspects of the balanced aesthetic of the various cultures of India, Asia and Africa.  My Dad is a big Asian art aficionado and after spending a month in Thailand in 2008, I found my own spiritual connection with Asian art and history.

The overall openness of the home is refreshing from the confinement of a common home.  The mixture of light plush linens contrasted with dark stained furniture makes for a very warm vibe in the home, and I can see why the family is so close knit having this relaxing compound to recharge at.


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