Style Profile: Devon Radziwill

Vogue is one of my favorite publications because the people that create it appreciate style in every form, especially design.  One of my favorite places to dream about living in one day is New York City, and Crosby Street may just be the architecture aficionado’s dream neighborhood.  Vogue did a wonderful spread on the loft of Devon Radziwill that I imagine myself nesting in during my dream days in NYC.

Filled with modern furniture and bright accents against smooth white walls and exposed brick, the contrast between modern and industrial is what I imagine is characteristic of the big apple.  The feminine touches soften it up, but her clean and minimalist design aesthetic keep the decor streamlined and elegant.  The bedroom is just like mine; light, bright and cozy.  The common areas are stunning for entertaining, and the modern library is perfect for a media junkie like me.  I can imagine myself living a Carrie Bradshaw life in this adorable home, complete with epic closet and boxes upon boxes of designer shoes.

Devon Radziwill Apt 1

Devon Radziwill Apt 2

Devon Radziwill Apt 3

Devon Radziwill Apt 4

Devon Radziwill Apt 5

Devon Radziwill Apt 6

Devon Radziwill Apt 7

Devon Radziwill Apt 8

Devon Radziwill Apt 9

Devon Radziwill Apt 10“These glasses are from the Dior boutique,” says Radziwill. “I keep them on hand in case a guest wants water . . . or a cocktail!”


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