DIY: refurbished entryway table for $50

One of my favorite things to do is refurbish antiques.  Most thrift stores are filled with treasures that make perfect accents for the home.  We had the need for an entryway table, a place where we can toss our keys, set the mail, etc. I went to the local Salvation Army in Encinitas and found a perfect table; it was taller than your average side table and had one drawer and one shelf.  It was a little beat up, but had great potential.

I did not want to spend over $50 on the project, so the price point was right within my range.  So I picked it up for $25, and decided to spend the other $25 on some spray paint and a pretty knob for the drawer.

I picked the paint first, a lovely shade of Pistachio to brighten up the whole space.  Then I went over to Anthropologie to shop for knobs. There are a lot of options, but I found a clear plastic knob in a seafoam green color that matched the paint perfectly.

It took two cans of paint and an extra coat of matte seal to get the job done. Once I did the base, shelf and drawer, I lined the drawer with scented zebra print lining paper and screwed the knob in where a bolt previously occupied.

It is a mix of modern and country, much like my decorating style, and is the perfect pit stop for purses, leashes, key rings and mail.  With a bright coffee table book, Erica’s record bowl and the Audrey Hepburn painting above it, this little nook’s got style!

thrift store table

thrift store table

Pistachio spray painted table

Pistachio spray painted table

refurbished entryway table

refurbished entryway table


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