twinkle twinkle little star

For my birthday, I decided to plan a comfortable, laid back garden party on a nice fall evening. Entertaining is my favorite thing, so why not have all of my favorite people over to help me celebrate my life by doing the things I love? We sparked the fire pit, made some delicious apps & desserts, drank wine and told stories until the evening came to a calm fizzle and the crowd slowly fades like the burning out of a fire.

I used the Party BluPrints Plan to Party Book to guide me through my timeline, menu and ambiance. After seeing these ladies in action at a 500 person event this summer, I knew they were the real deal. The Party BluPrints girls have great ideas for every type of occasion, and even if your get together doesn’t match the concept perfectly, you can mix and match ideas to pull of a chic and easy event.

My key to throwing a good party: simple food, lots of homemade desserts, fresh flowers and great lighting (tons of tea lights!)

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