hoarders: the bling edition

For many of us, letting go of things can be tough. For fashionistas like my roommates and I, it is impossible. It takes at least 3 years of straight neglect for me to even consider getting rid of a garment or accessory. I am constantly rearranging furniture and reorganizing my closet to better suit my needs for the season. The trick to revamping your wardrobe is not simply buying more – although that is the most fun way of doing so – but making hidden gems easily accessible.

Now I typically classify myself as a highly organized person, but my roommate took organization to an OCD level this past weekend with her jewelry box, and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. For some reason, all my jewelry is scattered on hanging nails, glass bottles and trays, displayed in an utterly chaotic fashion. My jewelry boxes are stacked under my lamp, making virtually all of their contents invisible while I am getting ready and trying things on.  Anything hidden from plain view is doomed for cobwebs and dustmites, so I think this weekend I may follow suit with my roomie and give my jewelry stash a makeover.

Below are before/after photos of the massive treasure chest that houses her baubles and bling. I am envious of those rows of bangles and bracelet cubbies! Check out her blog fashionlushxx for more tips on design, styling and DIY fashion.



❤ bracelet cubbies!


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