living vicariously through my [stylish] alter ego

One of the many things I do when I’m not writing for WWLIH is writing for a fashion blog. Trendy Blair, who I like to refer to as my much more fashionable, witty, girly half, began a little over a year ago and has since gathered quite the little fan base. With the help of my roomie and PIC, Trendy Blair is at the top of her game, reporting on fashion’s biggest news and best deals. I like to incorporate my real life in with my fashion fantasies to create relevant story lines, which leads me to my post last week.

As I prepared to head to New York – at no better time than between two of the city’s biggest tradeshows of the year – I dreamed up a very organized, functional, chic packing list that I could only meekly attempt to live up to with what I own. Although I think I did a pretty good job packing my real suitcase (which you will see in my post tomorrow on my fabulous trip to NYC), Trendy Blair’s bag was filled with the real city swag.

trendy blair goes to NYC

City Chic through the eyes of Blair

If you like what you see, check out Trendy Blair, which puts out fresh posts every day!


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