Glow like the Moon

For those of you who did not witness the spectacular lunar phenomenon on Sunday night, we had our very own Harvest Moon here on Planet Earth. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, when day and night are the same length. This year, the Harvest Moon rung in the month of October on Sunday night/Monday morning, when it hung low and bright in a somber yellow color that glowed in the summer fog.

Each month we have a New Moon followed about 14 days later by a Full Moon. Full moons close chapters and often bring a sense of finality to your life. You can’t have a fresh start without closure in other areas; otherwise we can’t make room for the new experiences, memories, relationships.

When a New Moon occurs, it’s the time to begin new projects, initiate contracts, make important phones calls, write up a proposal and do anything that requires a starting point. When the moon reaches its fullness two weeks later, this is the time your efforts will bear fruit and come to completion. The first New Moon after the Harvest Moon just so happens to be my birthday, the perfect opportunity to begin a new chapter!


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