jewelry storage: bracelets

I feel like my bracelet collection is a good representations of my travels and memories while evolving my style. Bracelets are my favorite form of gift, and I like to stack them and mix them to add some sparkle to my outfit when I don’t feel like wearing much else. Some casual and elastic, some more chic and metal. Historically, I have neglected my bracelets most because I couldn’t find a good way to store them in a visible place. I used to use my mom’s old shop fixtures, but they looked so tacky in my room. I like everything in my room to be clean and bright, so I opted for a more translucent solution. I used a few glass bottles from fancy drinking water, and stacked my bangles and bracelets on them, as well as a vase, and in a small wooden chest I got in Thailand. They were perfect for separating out different colors, textures, vibes, etc. and look pretty too!

bracelet bottles

bracelet bottles

bracelet bottles 2


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