jewelry storage: earrings

I tend to neglect my earrings a lot, mostly because I spend half my work day on the phone,  and also because they are tucked away in a jewelry box in a drawer. So going with the theme of accessory organization, I decided that displaying my earrings in a more visible place would help get me to wear them more.

Two weeks ago, the weather cooled down and my roommate and I decided to spend our afternoon crafting [yayyy!]. So away I went with another jewelry display DIY project, and found a lot of different creative forms of jewelry storage. This particular one was inspired by a similar one my roomie made. All you need is an old picture frame and a roll of twine, and you’re in business.

I decided to paint mine because a friend found it an old thrift store and it was pretty beat up. I went with a bright turquoise, which has become a thematic color in my bedroom as of late.

cheese grater jewelry

some inspiring jewelry storage – w/ a cheese grater


a mix of teal and turquoise



Once you paint your frame – if you choose to do so – all you have to do is tie up your twine to make hanging wires for your baubles. I experimented a few ways, but the easiest solution is simply wrapping the twine around the frame. It is super simple, you can re do it quickly, and it adds a rustic element that I like.

just wrap and tie

just wrap and tie

I decided to use my glitter clothespins to break up all the earrings with some fun photos.

earring frame storage

frame jewelry/photo rack w/ glitter clothespins


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