jewelry storage: necklaces

The final installment of my jewelry organizing overhaul is definitely the most helpful to me on a daily basis. Necklaces are my top accessory, whether its a minimal gold chain with a single charm, or a chunky statement necklace full of colorful stones. I have a ton of necklaces that I love to interchange everyday, so keeping them organized has always been a must. Nails in the wall looked really ghetto boring, so I opted to create a new fixture to match my earring frame. Naturally, I painted it turquoise to match, and found some neat little mini knob’s at Michael’s to screw in and hold all my chains.

First, I bought a wooden plank (sold next to the sorority/fraternity paddles you may remember from undergrad), 2 packages of blue crystal knobs, and a mounting piece for the back. I used the same paint and brush from my previous project, a power drill, and a pencil as my operating tools. First – and I didn’t do this but sort of wish I did – you may want to find a scrap piece of sandpaper to fine tune some of the edges. Michael’s doesn’t have the most precise wood finishing skills, and a few rugged edges could have used some TLC prior to me painting. Then, get to painting. I did a single layer of paint, to give it a little more of a shabby chic texture. I also painted the back, because I’m OCD.

Crafterday begins!

Crafterday begins!

the artist - cest moi!

the artist – cest moi!

Once I let this bad boy dry in the sun for a few hours, I used my pencil to evenly space out my 6 knobs. It took a few tries – and considering both staggered and straight knobs – but I finally came to a layout I liked and began drilling. Because the knobs are so little, I found the tiniest drill bit I could and did a test on the back side. It was the perfect sized hole to screw in the mini knobs, so I buzzed away on the front side.

baby knobs

baby knobs found at Michaels

drilling holes

drilling holes

almost done!

almost done!

Screwing in the knobs proved to be tedious, as it required a bit of pressure and a lot of patience. I finally got them all in, and all I had left to do was the mounting piece on the back. Luckily, our patio chairs are the perfect width to get this done without smashing the front.

front knobs

gotta put in some elbow grease to get these suckers in!


Backside – with a hole to center

necklace organizer

Voila! My very own necklace organizer


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