diamond in the rough

Khloe has always been my favorite Kardashian. Among all the looney’s in that f*cked up family, she is the most real, humorous, fun seeking sister of all. Not to mention I am a huge fan of her hubby (Lakers for life, no matter what Lammy!). So much in fact, I named my goldfish Khloe and Lamar. No I am not kidding, and no I am not crazy.

Although there are about 3740368 Kardashian shows on E!, The Coveteur got a much more intimate look at the couple’s home. The theme was Louboutin, so naturally I was hooked at the first red sole in sight. Take a look at some of the eye candy below for a small taste of Kardashian level luxury.

stairway to heaven

stairway to heaven




Lamar's collection of kicks

Lamar’s collection of kicks

Red bottom girls

Red bottom girls

sparkles on sparkles on sparkles

sparkles on sparkles on sparkles

Marilyn for Khloe

Marilyn for Khloe

She's Bossy

She’s Bossy



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