endless fun with fashionlushxx

Over the weekend, my roommate and I went downtown for a friend’s birthday brunch and some street walking. The weather was nice, so we opted for some vintage t-shirts for our afternoon stroll through the Gaslamp. I dug up an old gem I acquired a long time ago that needed a little sprucing up, and I knew my fashionista floormate would be able to do just that.

She sliced and diced it into a distressed masterpiece with a skeleton back. First she cut off the sleeves, then she destroyed the collar, and then quickly and easily wove the back. A detailed step-by-step guide on how to do it – shot by yours truly – is featured on her blog, which you should be following if you don’t already.

fashionlush hard at work

fashionlush hard at work

We ate some brunch, had a bloody mary, and walked in the sunshine to Urban Outfitters 🙂 It was quite the lovely afternoon with my muse, something we surely will be doing more often. This t-shirt is now a favorite, especially because I don’t own anything in that color.

skeleton stairs

Oakley Frogskins, distressed vintage tee, DIY vintage Levi’s jean shorts, Forever21 boots, Kooba bag

skelly back

e and me

backside 1

e and me


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