kick start my heart

Recently, I decided to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k. I had never done an organized race before, but found that preparation was not necessary since there were over 14k participants, making it near impossible to run at all. It was hot out, so by the time the race was over and we had shuffled down crowded roads to the finish line, I had been up and moving for almost 4 hours without eating and found my stomach growling in emptiness.

I had a strong craving for vegetables, so I decided to make a nice hearty omelette with whatever produce we had in our fridge. My Uncle Syd once gave me some great tutoring on the skillet and I had been meaning to take a stab at perfecting the omelette technique once and for all (I am typically a scrambled eggs kinda girl, but for a lot of toppings, stuffing an omelette is the best way to get all those nutrients).

I decided to stuff my omelette with shredded mozzarella cheese and a bunch of yummy steamed broccoli. I had some cherry tomatoes too, but I like my tomatoes cold, so I diced them on the side. When I beat my eggs, I always add a tablespoon of water to fluff them up. I used three eggs for this omelette, a typical serving. I used the fold method, letting the eggs slowly cook on the non-stick pan and then fill it with goodies and fold it over to seal it. A quick flip, and the pocket full of veggies should be golden and crispy on the outside, with a steaming pocket of a runnier consistency. This GQ article discusses, in detail, the ideal consistency of an omelette and two differing paths to getting there. Texture is everything for me when it comes to eating, so achieving the right consistency is crucial.

My Uncle Syd did not disappoint, his egg-gestions have always helped me look skilled in the breakfast category. The only thing more fun than making it, is eating it of course. And this big nutrient-rich breakfast was the perfect reward after the race!

Omelette fixins

Omelette fixins




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