Post Holiday Detox


Between the super rich foods of those spectacular holiday meals and the great spike in sugar intake from a bevy of bevvie’s with family and friends, the holiday season can leave us feeling well – disgusting – in the beginning of the new year. Do I regret it? Not one pound. I cooked impressive full on feasts for my family on both Thanksgiving and Christmas, enjoyed lovely dinners out with old friends, and spent many nights dancing under the tacky Christmas lights of the local dive. Isn’t that what the holidays are about anyways? Reconnecting and reminiscing on the simple joys like nostalgic music, delightful meals and great company?

So, all that being said, I feel like a pile. I am ready to let the New Year kick me into full speed, and resetting myself seems like the perfect start for what will be a much cleaner, healthier lifestyle. My friends Annie and Samantha over at Suja Juice told me they, and some other blogger beauties Lauryn [of The Skinny Confidential] and Weslie [of LoveChugs] were doing a 3 day cleanse to kick off 2013. I have only ever successfully fasted for Yom Kippur once, and never juiced before, which seemed to make jumping on board that much more intriguing. I love trying new things, and I am feeling highly motivated to get my fitness on. The challenge starts Tuesday, and I could NOT be more excited!


Suja is more than just a fantastic product. The ethos behind Suja is all about living a healthy lifestyle of consuming clean, green foods to bring out your best self. I already enjoy some of their juices on the reg [Lemon Love, Fuel, Glow], but I have been dying to try one of their pre-packaged cleanses. On Thursday, I got my shipment of 18 juices, each numbered according to consumption order, on ice. I threw them right into the fridge, and have been eating lite and clean to prepare for what will likely be a huge challenge.

Lauryn at TSC posted a list of tips to help prepare for the cleanse, and I have already started loading up on fruits and veggies [+ drinking a ton of water!]. I am happy knowing that my lifestyle change is not just a goal following the cleanse results, but something I am working towards so my body can perform at its very best while I detox.

For more details on Suja‘s product and cleanses, check out their website for all you nee to know about the best stuff on earth. And whether you are ready to jump on board the Suja cleanse yet or not, here are some other post-holiday detox tips that will help you get back in your usual swing and start the year off right!

  • Skip your morning coffee – opt for a caffeinated green tea instead, it is highly less in caloric intake and will help suppress your appetite.
  • Drink fresh pressed juice – Suja has the best variety, their 12 Essentials is the perfect green juice!
  • Your rice cooker is your best friend – rice and quinoa are both great alternatives to other carbs [holiday staples like bread, potatoes, pasta], and this handy gadget makes it easier than boiling water.
  • 15 minutes of Zen – spend at least 15 minutes of everyday clearing your mind and getting in a little yoga, even if you can’t make it to class. Fulfilling these elongated poses puts pressure on vital organs to facilitate proper maintenance and will help your mind reset too.
  • Ditch the sugar in your juice – opt for smarter choices like ginger lemonade and watermelon juice instead of the pre-bottled kind filled with sugars and additives. This is also really helpful when mixing cocktails!
  • Drink your weight in water – drinking as much water as possible is the number one thing. Dehydration can cause unnecessary eating, skin problems, cause fatigue and make you cranky 😦
Annie Lawless of Suja

Annie Lawless of Suja

suja on ice


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