Sometimes, when I am bored or sick of hearing surrounding noises flood my ears [tv, radio, the neighbor’s baby crying, the train passing by], I like to daydream. This usually manifests in googling images of breathtaking photos of nature and wildlife, far off places and cultures. I have always held onto the notion of “what do you want to be when you grow up”, and I always wanted to work with animals. Throughout the years, I developed a love and appreciation for the art of photography, and combined the two ideas to create my ultimate dream job: becoming a photojournalist for National Geographic.

Last night, as I lie awake in bed feeling my body sinking into relaxation, I found my mind alert regardless of the late hour. So instead of planning my outfit for work today, or listening to my ambient noise app [waves are my fave, but rain has been treating me well lately], I decided to look at some National Geographic photos to assist me in drifting off into tropical dreams. I thought I would share some of my favorites, to help convey the significance of this mindless activity of mine. Something about the up-close-look at things, people and places I have only dreamed about is so fantastic to me. National Geographic is one of those publications that embodies the spirit of adventure, that can truly transport you to another time or place, and can take your breath away with a single photo. And as my eye lids finally started to fall, I began to slip into dreams of lions laying in fields of lavender…..

NatGeo: One of a Kind

NatGeo: Night Sky

NatGeo: Chasing Waterfalls

NatGeo: Descent

NatGeo: Glen Canyon

NatGeo: Cat Nap

NatGeo: Seasons

NatGeo: Morning Stretch

NatGeo: Pink Peaks

NatGeo: Close Encounter

NatGeo: Desert Caravan

NatGeo: Tunnels Beach, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

NatGeo: From the Mountain Tops

NatGeo: Winter Wetsuit

NatGeo: Moonlight Canoe

NatGeo: Fields of Lavender

NatGeo: Forest Fire in the Morning

NatGeo: Swimming Elephants


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