Maker of Lists

I love lists. This is both good and bad. There is nothing that feels as good as crossing something off a list. The sense of completion, achievement and success is so literal when you physically cross something off or check off a box, it can be addicting. On the other hand, making lists – like setting goals, can be constricting. When you set goals, “you put blinders on. You lose your peripheral vision and miss out on all the great opportunities around you,” says Stephen Shapiro, author of the informative book Goal Free Living. I like to call this the grass-is-always-greener attitude. The I’ll-be-happier-when-this-happens outlook.

But don’t get it twisted, this is not what I am trying to do by making lists. For me, I have a myriad of things I am strongly passionate about, many dreams I plan to pursue. Making lists is just a way for me to organize my thoughts instead of letting them buzz haphazardly around my brain. Some of the things on my list are minor. Some of them are tedious. Some of them have been there a while. And some or goals that will help me take another step towards the person I strive to be.

Below is a list of things I want to get done this weekend. Lately, I have been very productive with lists like these, so I thought I would share. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire you to fulfill that pesky little task you have left on your list since 2012. Or maybe it will encourage you to spend time alone, with your thoughts, which can be as refreshing as a breathe of fresh, cool air.

To Do:

  • Clean the **** out of my kitchen
  • Make a green juice [post cleanse withdrawals!]
  • Volunteer at a fundraiser for the ALS
  • Paint terra cotta pots and plant basil, lavender and chives
  • Read 50 pages of my book [currently reading Under the Tuscan Sun]
  • Go see a Golden Globe nominated film alone
  • Go for a run on the beach
  • Complete the final album of my photography portfolio and launch my website [!!!!!!!!]
  • Sell/donate the 3 bags of clothes I have cleaned out of my closet
  • Take a spin class!

It’s the freakin’ weekend baby, how are you spending it?



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