cactus cooler

After I got my hands dirty on Mother’s Day last year, I felt the need to refresh my house plants and get my green thumb on. The weather finally perked back up, so I planned a few projects in the garden to prepare for Spring.

First, I ditched the old succulents that didn’t survive the brief winter we are ending. The ones that did withstand the freezing temperatures, I corralled around the edge of our fire pit, which is currently laden with ¬†charming patches of clovers and dried leaves.

lucky fire pit

lucky ring of fire

Then, I recycled the remaining mini terra cotta pots by planting fresh new blooming cactus I picked up to brighten up our balcony. They get mostly bright light until noon, and then get fresh sunshine for the rest of the day. It really adds a nice touch, and the flowers are the colors of our lovely Cardiff sunsets too. Perfect.

cactus planting

Once I planted the new plants, I used some seashells and small pebbles to surround the plants and dress them up a bit. My little cacti by the sea are just the cutest!

cacti by the sea

cacti by the sea


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