Mixin up my trails

I have been trying to be very economical with food lately and finishing what is in my fridge/pantry before hitting the store again. This has been challenging, since I like to cook fresh, but necessary [especially in light of finding out our house is getting FUMIGATED next week! eek] to cleanse our shelf space.

I always like to pick up healthy snacks from Trader Joe’s, like nuts, dried fruit and sweets. I found myself with a hankering for something sweet the other night, and forbid myself from creeping down to the local grocery for some ice cream [tough habit to break, TRUST]. Instead, I opted to combine a few of the this and that’s from the pantry to create my own trail mix. It came out so good, I couldn’t believe how easy it was! Now, I keep mini ziplock’s with them in my pantry so that I can just grab one on my way out the door, to work, or to the movies.

You can eyeball how much of each ingredient you want to include, but I like a balance of salty and sweet so I just did a quarter cup of each and shook it up in one big bag. Then divide, and conquer!

home made trail mix


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