who’s got the herbs?

I do! I do! I do! I can now say that I officially have an herb garden! This is something that has forever been on my DIY-to-do list and I can finally cross it off. And you already know how much I LOVE crossing things off lists…

My love affair with gardening started at an early age, working in flower beds with my mom in our backyard. I veered my attention towards sports and boys after that, but have finally gotten back to my roots – pun intended. My last garden post about cactus really got me going, so I went BACK to Home Depot again and got even more greenery.

When I got home, I laid out all my goodies and evaluated my inventory. I decided on rosemary, mint and basil, since we cook a lot of chicken, potatoes, pasta and juice drinks. I had some old terra cotta pots from last year’s succulents, so I decided to give them a little makeover to prep them for their new inhabitants. I chose sunshine yellow to contract with the rich greens of each plant. I then laid a few small river stones at the bottom of each pot and layered potting soil on top of them [I chose potting mix that self-monitors the moisture levels, to ensure the plants don’t get under or over watered.]

Then, I took each plant out of it’s container, loosened the roots, and planted them in their new homes, packing dirt around the roots and base of the stem. They all require to be watered every couple days/as they dry, so [thanks to a handy tip from my good friend Jules] I give them an ice cube each morning as the sun starts to warm them up.

Another benefit of having an herb garden – other than for fresh cooking, of course – is the symbolism behind each plant variety. Rosemary is known as a symbol of friendship, while basil symbolizes love & fertilityMint is a symbol of protection of illness and warm feelings. Mint can also symbolize fidelity, virtue, and precious moments. So while my garden is currently cultivating delicious flavors to add to my dishes, it is also creating good vibes to fill my home. Love!!

Home Depot-ing

My new favorite place to shop: Home Depot

Shameless Seflie


a smoothie to keep me cool while painting pots on the porch

a smoothie to keep me cool while painting pots on the porch

my little herbs, before

my little herbs, before

rosemary, basil & mint

my little herbs, after… rosemary, basil & mint


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