bounce like Beyonce


Want to know two things I really really like?

Documentaries, and Beyonce.

After being [re]inspired by her Superbowl performance, after a long hiatus from the stage, I was so excited to hear about her self-Directed documentary Life is but a Dream that just premiered on HBO last week. I always knew Baddie Bey was a fierce diva, but to watch her in a more intimate setting, and see all of her hard ass work up close and personal, was really great. The amount of choreography that goes into each performance is mind boggling, and just when I thought my mind was blown, they did some crazy technical shit to create multiple images of herself breaking it down. I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head.

Career focus aside, the highlight – to me – were the few short clips of her and Jay throughout their relationship, and of course of baby Blue. Jay and Bey have always done an incredible job of keeping their child and relationship very private, given their MAJOR celebrity status [The President & First Lady of Hip Hop]. This was only the second time that Blue Ivy has been captured, and boy does she look just like her Daddy! I don’t know what I want more… to be her, or to have one just like her.

Beyonce comes across far more calm and down to earth than one would imagine. I have always had this infatuation with shows or films that follow famous musicians just to see how they differ on and off stage, and although I have always seen and acknowledged Sasha Fierce as a force to be reckoned with, Beyonce holds her own visible strength in her everyday life, just in a much more subdued way. Watching her work is fascinating… like when you watch a person think and you can actually see the gears in their brain moving. Everything about the musician lifestyle – let alone that of Beyonce’s – is so over the top, crazy, demanding, exhausting… by the time the movie was winding down I was already half asleep. BUT my fatigue was only temporary, and what was once sleepiness is now excitedness.

In a fit of motivation, spurred by none other than Queen B, I signed up for hip hop AND zumba class. I danced a lot as a young girl, but have not set foot in a studio since high school when I was in the Michael Jackson Club [not sorry]. I have been mixing up my workout’s a lot lately to stay interested and trick my body, so when I re-joined my gym this winter and saw hip hop on the class schedule, I jumped in head first. I started hip hop right before the documentary came out, so as soon as I watched her perform on tour [which by the way, if you have never seen footage of Beyonce’s tour, you are SERIOUSLY missing out], I started Zumba, a class I had always dreaded/made fun of. I now am completely addicted to dance, and every time my friend Kika and I go, we sport some new swag to get us in Sasha Fierce mode. I will post later this week on some of the cool gear we have been picking up along our hip hop journey, so hopefully I can inspire your inner diva to get up and DANCE!



Beyonce Knowles new documentary on HBO, 'Beyonce; Life Is But A Dream'.



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