winter sangria

Since I got my Vintage Cocktail Recipe book this Christmas, I have thoroughly enjoyed the art of crafting libations.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this year, my girlfriend Bree threw a festive little gathering at a family friend’s house that was filled with festive treats and cocktails to boot. Because the holidays are over, peppermint and pumpkin are no longer appropriate additions to any recipe. Since Valentine’s Day only associates with one flavor (chocolate), I decided to go the color theme route instead. Plain old red wine seems a bit boring for a single’s party, so I perused the web for some Sangria recipes to try and make something cute and tasty.

Surprisingly, Martha Stewart was the one with the winning recipe. I like to stay way from adding liquor to Sangria since it adds a lot of excess sugar [I omitted the brandy in this recipe], and white wine seemed just plain boring for the purpose of this party. Because we ran out of OJ, I simply added a meager 2 tbsp of sugar to add a little sweetness [for the second batch, I skipped the sugar and it taste almost the exact same]. This recipe was simple, flexible, and super delicious. Even the boys gulped down a few glasses each! Try making this for your next gathering before Spring and I guarantee you will need to make an extra run to the store to make more.




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