how to: cut up a pineapple

Pineapple is one of the best tasting fruits – and among the best for you. But just because it is the bomb does not mean you should be wasting an extra $5 on pre-cut pineapple. Don’t be intimidated by this prickly looking piece of fruit, cutting one up is actually very easy. Below is a simple three step guide on achieving pineapple perfection.


Step 1: Lay your pineapple on it’s side and OFF WITH IT’S HEAD! You want to get rid of that pesky top, cut as close to the top as possible. If you find further along that your pineapple core is too tough, you can cut it out later. The cut off the bottom to create two flat edges.

note (3)

Step 2: This is the tricky part. Stand your pineapple upright on either side. You will use your knife to slice off the spiky sides of the fruit in sections. Go for the majority, you can scoop the rest of the dimples out with a spoon.

note (2)

Step 3: Once your skin is removed, the rest is a cinch. I like to cut the oblong fruit into slices, and then cut each slice into a 5 spoke wheel to create large chunks to enjoy. These can be served on a toothpick with other fruit [I like to combine with orange and strawberries] or just inhaled from a bowl, which is what usually ends up happening.


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