Are rules meant to be broken? Maybe just this once…

“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable” ~ Mark Twain

For the most part, I am a rule follower. I strongly oppose cheaters, line-cutters, and people who think they are above the law. Being an Office Manager, I understand the reason behind/the work that goes into setting rules in place, and am all to familiar with the anxiety associated with ignorant or rude people that ignore said rules. However, sometimes there is an exception to the rules, and this is one of them.

I have been fascinated with Egyptian art and culture for as long as I can remember, dating back to the ripe old age of about 5 or 6 where I watched my first music video (Michael Jackson’s “Do You Remember the Time”). I studied Egyptian art and anthropology in college, and have always held visiting the Pyramids at the top of my bucket list. The Pyramids are the only remaining – and the oldest – of the Seven Wonders of the World, and I promised myself a very long time ago that if I was unable to travel anywhere else in the world, I would make a point to visit this sacred site.

Yesterday, a set of photos went viral on the internet that I could not help but stare at with wonder. Last week, a group of Russian photographers visiting Egypt illegally climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza, towering at 455 ft high. Long gone are the days where visitors were allowed to climb the ancient structures, however this group waited in hiding for nearly 4 hours until the guards to averted their attention before making their great ascent. The photos they captured of the surrounding structures in the famous Necropolis are absolutely stunning. From the rare point of view, to the lighting, to the risk involved to capture them, these photos – and their accompanying story – will go down in history for years to come.

Although I stand on the side of rule-following, I am a huge admirer of risk takers. I am grateful for these photographer’s courageous act – which, by the way, carries a sentence of up to 3 years in prison – and for the unique perspective I will likely never get to experience. Looking back, the photographers have no remorse, and I can’t say I would either. “I was speechless… I felt a chilling delight, absolute happiness,” one of the photographers stated. Ah, to experience a slice of heaven!

Great Pyramid of Giza 1

Great Pyramid of Giza 2

Great Pyramid of Giza 3

Great Pyramid of Giza 4

Great Pyramid of Giza 5


One thought on “Are rules meant to be broken? Maybe just this once…

  1. Can’t say I wouldn’t do it myself being that I’m a perpetual rule breaker but I do understand the significance of this particular rule in that if everyone started doing it it could drastically deteriorate the condition of the monuments.

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