Screw sunny side up, I make my eggs poached to perfection

Scrambled eggs have always been a staple in my kitchen. When I’m not feeling well, or can’t decide what to eat, or when nothing sounds good, scrambled eggs always hits the spot. But since I was old enough to cook eggs, I had longed to learn to prepare eggs with runny yolks. Something about the delicious bright yellow substance just melts my heart.

I mastered the art of flipping a fried egg when I was in college, and that took a while. But eggs benedict has always been one of my favorite comfort foods so I thought to myself, maybe it is time I figure out how to poach eggs so I can have that yolky goodness anytime I want. So I went for it, and boy was the payoff big.

Poaching eggs is insanely easy. All you need is a pot, water, vinegar, eggs and a slotted spoon. Hit a pot full of water with a shot of vinegar to help the eggs take form. The trick is in monitoring the heat. You don’t want your water to be boiling or simmering, but very hot and just before it starts simmering. I brought my water to a boil and then turned the heat down. Once the bubbles cease, I drop in my eggs. Be sure to crack your eggs into a small dish, it makes the egg drop much smoother, trust me. Give your eggs 3-4 minutes and then pull them out with your slotted spoon and set it aside onto a paper towel to blot off the excess water.

I served my poached eggs on toasted english muffin with proscuitto and arugula salad with lemon juice. This was the freshest, most delicious breakfast I could have made myself, and I enjoyed every last bite.

in they go!

in they go!

Setting up

Setting up

a bed of arugula

a bed of arugula

breakfast for 2

breakfast for 2


BOOM yolk for days


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