Antique Treasures from a little Spring Cleaning

Sometimes I feel like a little kid when it comes to silly stuff. You know how in Home Alone, Kevin is terrified of the heater in the basement? That’s how I feel about my parents garage. I assume there are a multitude of creepy crawlies living in there, since they leave it open all day long. I have even seen some of them and they are gross. There are piles of junk all over the place, and it is bone chilling cold top to it off. Well, my dad has been nagging everyone to chip in to clean it up, and this spring his wish finally came true. He had to practically beg me to come over the weekend and go through my share of crap, and it was like taking a stroll right down memory lane.

Boxes of report cards, art projects, trophies, and photos were amongst the most popular items. Also included were my little brothers old high school sports equipment, my grandma’s Chanel lady suits and handbags, my ski gear and my old shoes I refused to permanently part ways with. Am I a hoarder? Maybe. Perhaps I don’t see the severity of it because I don’t live there anymore. But my dad knows the truth… we are all hoarders.

While sorting through the boxes on boxes of stuff , I would thoughtfully categorize them as “Take with me”, “Toss” or “I still can’t part with you yet but I have no room in my own house for you at the moment”. It was in this tedious process I stumbled across some cool vintage memories from my Grandparents house. Typically I get a little sad when going through their things, but each item pictured below – along with a few others not photographed – brought their memory back to life and made me smile and remember all of the reasons my Grandparents were so amazing. Who knew spring cleaning could be so fun???

Only the best for Nonny... yellow patent leather Salvatore Ferragamo loafers

Only the best for Nonny… yellow patent leather Salvatore Ferragamo loafers

ferragamo loafers close up

My Grandma's Business Card

My beautiful grandmother aka Nonny

My beautiful grandmother aka Nonny

Papa Trophy

One of my Papa’s many accolades for fishing

Papa and the boys

Papa [front right] and the boys


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