Linear Expression

This past couple months, I have really been in an artistic mood. I have been frequenting Michael’s, and have [with the help of my lovely roommates] accumulated quite the craft closet in our upstairs hallway. Choc full of paintbrushes, beads and feathers, we always have craft days where we all dive into the miscellaneous bags and boxes to create whimsical works of art.

More recently, however, I have wanted to go back to basics and paint on some canvas. I found this little diddy on Pinterest one day and thought, how cute! I want.



So off to Michael’s I went, picking up other more familiar odds and ends to make me feel a little more at home before I ventured into the pristine, eery, intimidating canvas aisle. Some painters tape, a few fresh tubes of paint, and then… two perfectly sized and stretched canvases. Phew! They were the just right for my art collage on the large wall of my bedroom [which thanks to this painting, only one step away from being complete!].

As you have probably seen in some of my other posts [here & here], I like blueish greens a lot. I decided that because the ocean was a major source of happiness for me, that I would use a palette that used different variations of some of my favorite hues [jungle green, teal and Tiffany’s blue], with some modern edge [gray & glitter].

This project was so fun and easy, I think I may start making more just to give as gifts and vibe out my house. I can’t believe how intimidated I was at first to the idea of painting canvas, and now it’s all I want to do! Stay tuned for my next paint project, soon to come šŸ™‚

Laying out my shapes

Laying out my shapes w/ painter’s tape

color palette

color palette

my studio: a balcony with an ocean view

my easel [a sun chair] in my studio [our front balcony with an ocean view]

my oceanic color wheel

my oceanic color wheel

geometric canvas painting


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