All your festival packing needs

Well Coachella-bound friends, it is finally time to start gearing up for the big weekend ahead and I could NOT be more excited! Compartmentalizing all the feelings and emotions [excited/nervous/anxious/happy/scared/stressed/giddy] can seriously cloud one’s planning skills, but this ain’t my first rodeo. In honor of my 5 year anniversary in attendance, I decided to put together a helpful little list for you all to make your week much easier.

First, and foremost, are outfits. Everyone knows that music festivals – especially Coachella – are very fashion-centric. For some, throwing a bunch of sh*t into a bag works out just fine, but for others [ehemmm me], we stockpile on threads all year that are only good enough for this particular weekend. I have done a few posts this past month [here, here & here] showing different styles of outfits to potentially plan around, but below is a more generalized packing list for ya that is based around what is in my suitcase:

2 pairs of comfy denim shorts

2 sundresses [one maxi, one peasant]

1 killer leather and suede fringe vest

2 top options per day [light, flowy, avoid black]

3 lightweight second layers [for the cold temps at night]

1 pair of leggings [to slide into come nightfall]

3 pairs of comfortable closed toed shoes [remember, you will be wearing these for up to 13 hours a day]

3 pairs of sunglasses you won’t miss if you lose them

unlimited long necklaces, dreamcatchers, rings and bracelets

4 pairs of disposable socks

2 bathing suits [pool parties are a must]

2 beach cover up’s [for the pool]

1 pair of house flip-flop’s

1 set of lightweight pj’s

1 fool proof road trip outfits for your drives

1 towel


Then there’s the all-business packing list… the stuff you will need and if you forget it at home, you will be kicking yourself for being ill-prepared. This list has taken all 4 previous years to get right. Trust me on this one, these items are essential!!

2 phone chargers [one for home base, one to carry]

1 reusable water container [free refills!]

lots of sunscreen and chapstick [triple digit temp’s people]

1 or more hats to protect your face

vitamins [makes the waking-up process a whole lot easier, and will keep your system running in tip-top shape, even if you forget a few meals]

sleep aid like Tylenol PM [while some people may still be going, you may be ready to sleep and need a little help]

pick an on-site meeting place in advance! having this spot to go to when you lose the group is a huge help [ie: at the entrance of the far beer garden, the ferris wheel, you get the idea]

site map


paper items for house [plates, paper towels, TP, etc.]


ice [never can have enough!!!]

hand wipes [good for everything]

Emergen-C [just in case]

And last but CERTAINLY not least, the fun part! This list is all smiles, extra goodies to help you bring a little magic to your own experience. This one is all up to you, add or subtract as you see fit!

Face/body paint




Bicycle + lock [great alternative transportation to beat traffic and cab fares!]

Speakers [to get pumped as you get ready]

unlimited party favors, goodies and treats to share with your group [a few of the items from years past include homemade jewelry, coconut water, squirt guns, etc.]

And just remember, if you don’t have something, someone else will and likely will share with you. Festivals are all about love, sharing, and creating a beautiful experience, so as long as you have a great attitude, an open mind, and drink lots of water, you will make it. Now go pack your bags folks! Tomorrow we BLAST OFF!

Coachella Vibes

Homemade headpiece from my friend Danielle

Coachella Vibes


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