Monday Morning, feeling in a fog…

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed. My “vacation” to the desert and the past few weeks spending recovering, getting caught up, spring cleaning, and making summer plans has officially worn me out and resulted in a very lonely blog. But there is a silver lining to chasing after everything you want, and that’s feeling the relief of getting caught up. After spending some long nights out with great friends this weekend, my laundry is done, my bedroom has acquired a few new pieces, I caught up with work over the weekend, and my sights are fixed ahead on the future success to come! Even though I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, I am still feeling inspired, motivated and positive that the coming weeks will prove to be fruitful, on both personal and professional levels. Hope your week is off to a great start too, more posts to come on food prep, springtime slow cooker recipes, trips I have been fortunate enough to take and much much more. Happy Monday chickadees!




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