Weekend Getaway: Viva la Mexico!

There’s nothing better than having a clear schedule for the weekend. Something about making plans leaves a sort of obligatory sensation in my brain, that hinders my free spirited nature, and I don’t really dig that. I would much prefer to leave my weekend’s open to be able to say yes to whatever my fluttering little heart desires, and last weekend that is exactly what I did. When my good friend Kevin informed me he wanted to spend his birthday weekend south of the border catching waves and bagging rays, it was like mariachi music to my ears. It has been years since I have gone down to Mexico, so I naturally jumped on board without hesitation.

Las Gaviotas is a private American owned community located just 8 miles south of Rosarito Beach (a mere 30 minute drive from the US/Mexico border). It is a haven for vacationers & surfers hailing from Southern California, and is nestled against picturesque beaches with crystal clear water and typically boasts perfect waves. Gaviotas is really the only way to travel to Mexico if you are looking to just hang out in the sun all weekend and avoid the crowds, and our house couldn’t have been a better place to unwind. Fully equipped with essentials like a hot tub, fire pit, two sun decks, private beach access, game room and queen sized bunk beds, it was ideal for a fun-filled family vacation, and I was lucky enough to spend it with my Cardiff family.

The conditions this weekend couldn’t have been better. With an average temp of 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, it didn’t matter how small the waves were for everyone to get out in the water and splash around. We had some friends – both old and new – staying in a couple houses down the way, so we decided to combine our efforts to collectively relax, celebrate, laugh and enjoy the perfect weather. Mornings were typically spent catching some waves, playing bocce ball, going for an afternoon swim, and grilling up lunch feasts fit for an army. After siesta, sunset surfs, guitar sessions around the campfire, dance parties and lighting wish lanterns off into the night sky brought our days to epic endings that left all with smiles on their sun kissed faces.

We left Gaviotas with the most bittersweet feeling. There is nothing worse then having to leave a paradise you have come to call home, but lucky for us we all live in our own paradise just an hour away. This was only the first of many trips down this summer, and I can’t wait to explore even more on my next visit!

los gaviotas in springtime

los gaviotas in springtime

home sweet home

home sweet home

hillside landscape

hillside landscape

private access - all to ourselves

private access – all to ourselves

surf check

morning surf check

male bonding

view from the top

backyard fun

perfect weather

behind the wall


the crew

crew love


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