Back in Action: A preview of what is to come

Well I am both saddened and happy to report that I am back from my trips and feeling refreshed! To say that this trip was awe inspiring would be a severe understatement. Everything I have dreamt about France was true, and then some. I have a hundred stories, a thousand pictures and a million memories to show for it. But aside from those- which I will share later this week when I have sorted them all out – I have lots more fun, delicious, inspiring things to share with you. Your patience while I gather my thoughts is much appreciated and I promise will pay off 🙂 Here is what you have to look forward to in coming posts:

-San Diego Poke Fest

-More easy to prep meals for your work week

-Fitness tips for that bikini body you have been eagerly working towards

-Secret uses for baking powder, apple cider vinegar & cornstarch [hint: these will severely cut down your beauty routine!]

-Some movers & shakers I am lucky to call friends

-Entrepreneurship & investing in yourself

-Travel pieces on places near and far

Excited to be back in the flow! Stay tuned for more updates to come and thank you all for supporting my passion by following my silly little blog ❤



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