friday vibes

Being inspired can have a profound effect on a person’s perspective, and France certainly made it’s mark on me after only one short week. While I was in Paris, I opted to avoid a more touristy agenda for a more authentic Parisian experience. Instead of hitting up as many museums as my feet could afford in a single day, I picked a park and posted up with my camera, a book, or my sketch pad and colored pencils for some people watching and la vie de loisirs (a life of leisure). This made for a much more relaxing journey and allowed me to envision my ideal self, something that is not easy to do when distracted by everyday things like work, family and social obligations.

Identifying your calling is easier said then done, and for me, finding a quiet, wide open space is the quickest way for me to get there. The moment I clear my mind of other outside noise (both literal and figurative), I am able to let my mind wander and find the place I see myself in a few years time. I highly encourage you to find what it is that gets you to that special place – whether it’s art, meditation, travel, whatever – and identify your own goals. Sometimes we forget about our hearts desires when we get caught up in the same day-to-day grind; don’t deprive yourself of those dreams. They are what propel you forward and help you to become your best self.

Spend this weekend carving out some time for yourself and allowing yourself to let go of your surroundings to discover what it is you truly want for YOU. That way, you can fill the rest of your week with things you want to do, things that will get you one step closer to your destination.

Happy Friday!




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