Sealed with a Burberry Kiss

In the digital age, the memory of writing a letter to a loved one seems so distant it has been virtually forgotten. Thanks to the progression of emailing; handwriting, sealing and stamping anything seems archaic and foreign. But there is something romantic and old fashioned about writing a letter, even today. There is nothing more special than getting a personal note in the mail from a special someone.

In an effort to market their luxury brand through consumer engagement, Burberry has decided to pay homage to this classic tradition and launch a new ad campaign (of sorts) that plays off of the concept of sending a letter to a loved one, sealed with your kiss. It doesn’t hurt that Burberry happens to have one of the largest retail consumer followings online, but for safe measure, they partnered with Google for this unique display of the brand’s timelessness. All you have to do is visit their site to digitize your pout, write a personal letter to your loved one, and Google takes care of the rest. If you have ever seen Paperman, this adorable campaign is very similar to the sweet short film that won an Oscar this year.

To send your own kiss, follow the instructions below:

1. Visit the Burberry Kisses site

2. Select ‘Capture your Kiss’

3. With your computer’s camera on, line your lips up in the viewfinder and take a picture of your kissy face

4. Select the Burberry lip color that fits you best, then select ‘Use this Kiss’

5. Fill out your info and message for your special recipient & follow the instructions to send your kiss

6. Watch your love letter’s journey to your loved one

If you have some time, explore the world of kisses to see a live feed of kisses being sent all over the world. Love actually is all around 😉



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