Happy Birthday America!!

Fourth of July is probably the most fun, relaxing and nostalgic holiday around. I don’t know about you, but my Fourth of July traditions consist of things like block parties, apple bobbing, water balloon fights, pie eating contests, watermelon slices, barbecues, marathon beach days and fireworks at the river mouth. Time seems to stand still, and all worries tend to wash away with the tide. We are reminded what it is that is truly important, what separates the United States of America from every other country in the world, and why being an American is so fucking awesome.

Freedom of speech, the right to choose, the ability to marry whoever you want, the evolution of women in the workplace, the right to vote, the innate ability to come together to support total strangers in need, having unmatched drive and ambition, to have the resources to pursue your dreams – whatever they may be, our glorious military, our courageous President, our perseverance, our history, and our future.  America is undoubtedly the land of the free, where everyone has a chance to live their dreams and make a difference. It is for this reason, we leave our work at the office, forget about the trivial issues that plague our minds every other waking moment of the year, and spend an entire day – from early morning to deep in the night – with family and friends, food and drink, rain or shine.

I hope for everyone that this beautiful holiday weekend is spent in gratitude. Even though the pressure and stress and political BS can be a headache, there is a reason America is considered to be the best country in the world. Because it is! Wherever you may be, pay your respects to all that you have been given in this life, and be grateful that America has progressed in the fashion it has. Without some of the monumental legislation, power of Democracy, and trailblazers that have filled our history books along the way, many of our greatest opportunities may not exist.

Cheers to you, America! May you have many many more celebrations in your honor!


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