friday vibes

I commute every single day for up to an hour each way just to get to work. I drive almost 30 minutes to get anywhere in this damn city, thanks to the horrible traffic summer (and CA highways in general) brings. And no matter how frustrated, angry, sad, disappointed or deflated I am feeling, I always come back to my beautiful home that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and all the glorious sunsets one could dream of. The moment I crest over the hill and see the glimmering sea, all of my worries simply wash away with the tide and I am at peace knowing I have made the right decision to stay here and live a happy, fulfilling life by the beach.

I saw this quote recently and wish I could credit the author, for this fantastic perspective is a universal truth to those of us who dwell by the beach. I have lived in the snowcapped Rocky Mountains and spent many vacations in big cities like NYC and in the deserts of California and Arizona, and nothing beats being by the beach. I have always been a social butterfly, and loved organizing and planning things; never in my life have I so eagerly kept my schedule open on a consistent basis simply to enjoy all of the blessings our beaches bring. To swim, surf, sleep, read, meditate, run, walk, play, ponder, reflect, in paradise… is priceless.

If you don’t live by the beach, I highly suggest you spend your extended weekend finding one. Nothing will clear your head faster than leaving your phone and watch behind in your car and letting the sun’s rays and the ocean’s tides dictate your schedule. Dig your feet in the sand, dip your toes in the water, chase the tide, collect shells, dive into the ocean with open eyes and an open heart, and just let it all go.


Life by the beach


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