What’s the skinny on milk?

Back when I did my first Suja cleanse, I discovered many of the things I was consuming regularly no longer suited my regimen (notably sugary cocktails, dessert, coffee and milk products). Majorly cutting back on dairy products made a world of difference in my life and the way I felt, but it can be intimidating exploring the world of dairy alternatives. I have been experimenting for the past 6 months and have finally found what works for me.

Everyone knows the basics about milk. It comes from cows, it makes your bones strong and it is best served with cookies. It is the best source of calcium you can get, but it is also extremely fattening (an 8 oz. glass of whole milk contains 146 calories and 8 grams of fat – 5 of which are saturated). When we are babies, all that fat is great. But as we grow up, most adults gravitate towards low fat options like 2%, 1% or nonfat.

There are also a multitude of reasons to avoid dairy. Some people are lactose-intolerant, some (like me) have a problem digesting lactose products, and some simply don’t like the taste of cow’s milk. So what is one to do in this scenario? Swear off cereal, cookies, pb&j and all forms of cheese?! Yeah, right. Not this girl! There are plenty of options out there for those seeking a lactose free lifestyle, all you gotta do is try them on and adjust your regimen.

Milk alternatives

In my case, I quit cow’s milk in favor of soy milk. But due to the recent controversy linking soy to cancer (like herehere and here), I have started switching from soy milk to almond milk. It is great in coffee – if you can find a small place that has it, is delicious with cereal and oatmeal, and can be used in baking too! As for cheese? Moderation has been my choice, since I love it so much and can’t stand the taste of soy cheese. But if I do eat cheese, I only buy imported – no one likes synthetic growth hormones. SICK!!

If you have questions about what type of milk to drink, do your research. Your doctor, trainer or nutritionist probably have helpful insight. But if you are an internet junkie like me, make sure your sources are valid! “Joe Shmoe the Milk Pro” isn’t as credible as the American Cancer Society, so be sure to really take your time getting the facts before drastically changing your lifestyle. Once you try a few options on and find one you like, you will immediately notice the difference in the way you look & feel. I promise!


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