Conquering life blocks

You are familiar with the term writer’s block, right? Well sometimes, when in between trips, or weekends jam packed with super social activities, I experience life blocks. It’s typically when I’ve got the same to do list with all my goals and plans in front of me, and no mental capacity for giving them any sort of order or priority, or motivation for finding either. I don’t know if the proverbial waterfall of positivity that is usually flowing through my insides is experiencing a giant blockage after too many late nights and lost afternoons, or if the planet’s are just playing a practical joke on me, but I have been feeling seriously devoid of all thoughts creative, organized, and well – functional – for the past couple days. And if you know me, you know how big of a dilemma this is.

With no innovative DIY projects planned, no motivation to garden or tidy up, and no spectacular menus to whip up, I have the worst case of The Monday’s ever (hence the majorly delayed post). I feel uninspired… inadequate… bored… too burnt out for it to only be Monday (seriously?!)… just not my usual sunshine-y self.

Whenever I am feeling a bit off, I turn to the good old internet vortex of motivational quotes to turn my attitude around – think friday vibes x 10000. And after a lot of perusing and weeding out of the ordinary stuff, a single statement will speak to me and turn my whole day around – and if I am lucky, set the tone for the rest of the week too.

Exhibit A! Small things to make a big difference. This list is a way to get back in touch with those fundamental building blocks that have felt like they have collapsed from under me. After nailing a few of these on the head, I will back to by otherworldly self in no time.



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