Farmer’s Market Fun

I have a new obsession. I have always loved swap meets, street fairs and farmer’s markets, but I have finally found a regular spot to visit every weekend and am seriously addicted. The Leucadia Farmer’s Market has been a hub for local growers, artisans and residents to come together to trade products and tricks of the trade for nearly ten years. Arguably the best Farmer’s Market in San Diego, this one is located on Vulcan just across the 101 from Stonesteps, a perfect pit stop on the way home from your morning surf.

Although every stand has something cool to offer, I have been religiously attending this Sunday morning event for the past month and have some favorites I like to frequent. In general, the produce selection is pretty amazing, but there are so many other little treats to enjoy along the way.

Suzie’s Farm happens to be our restaurant group’s produce supplier, and they have the most produce variety of any stand at any Farmer’s Market, bar none. They always have a cool selection of tomatoes, peppers and microgreens to transform any plain old dish into a gourmet meal. The guys over at Sundial Farms do have the best butter lettuce in town though, and the rest of their leafy greens are fresh and cheap, perfect for everyday salads. Lemoncats makes an amazing gluten free pecan pie that is a great addition to any menu, and they always have $2 bite sized mini pie’s to nibble while you walk. Meatmen have really nice artisan meats to bring home [don’t miss the cardamom-orange salami], or super tasty grab and go sausages to eat on the spot if you just can’t wait. And my friends all rave over Ali Baba’s hummus and pita stand because not only is the pita UNREAL, but they have the best deal in town – 3 dips for $10!

The Farmer’s Market in Leucadia happens every Sunday from 10 am til 2 pm on Vulcan just south of Leucadia Blvd. Make sure to stop by to pick up some fresh ingredients for the week!

Blood Oranges

Herb bundles, great gift idea!

Herb bundles, great gift idea!

Squash blossoms in the sun

Squash blossoms in the sun

Suzie's Farms Stand

Suzie’s Farms selection of peppers and tomatoes

fresh flowers

Post-Market surf check at Grandview

Post-Market surf check at Grandview


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