Say hello to my little friends

For the past few years – basically since I started this little blog – I have been increasingly interested in pursuing photography as something more than a hobby. My love affair with the art form started at a young age, and has gotten stronger with time. As I delved more and more into the food world – both in my personal writing and in my career – I used photography as supplemental content for my work. I am very much a visual person, so having great photos to accompany my blog posts is very important to me.

So, in order to make my dreams of being a photographer become a reality – and in the famous words of my entrepreneur roommate – it would take money to make money. So I decided to make an investment, and it is already paying off. If you saw my post on my trip to France, you got a sneak peek of the result of my recent purchase. But trust me, the decision to take the plunge into a full on professional set of photo gear was only taken after years of consideration and research. And that is not to say my old camera is now my red headed step child! I plan on continuing to use both and only add to my camera repertoire as I grow.

So, to give you an idea of what I have in my arsenal, I have included the items I currently have, as well as a few accessories I am currently shopping for 🙂 This list will evolve with my budding career, but I certainly think things are off to a great start!

++PS: If you are ever in need of a photographer, please consider me! I have a portfolio published online, and can be reached at for pricing and availability.

Say hello to my little friends


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