simple pleasures

Rarely do I stray away from my focused posts to showcase snap shots of my day to day life. Well peeps – today is the day! Work has been super busy as of late, so I am getting posts in where I can. Unfortunately, these fun adventures to new restaurant openings and my parent’s house have taken away from time spent in the kitchen / garden / garage. But sometimes, going with the flow and enjoying the simple pleasures in life are just what the doctor ordered. And in my case, what little time I have to myself is spent with the people I love in the places I call home.

Where is home you ask? Well coming from a blended family, I have left pieces of my heart everywhere I have lived… but San Diego is my home, and where my heart is. I was raised in Del Mar, work Downtown, currently reside in beautiful Cardiff-by-the-Sea, and spend most of my waking moments in coastal Encinitas. I really have the best of both worlds, as Downtown and North County are polar opposites, but I would not have it any other way, even with the killer commute.

Below are some photos from the past couple weeks of outings about town. Fish 101 has been my go to Thursday night spot, they have the most delicious seafood and the freshest  produce right off the farm. Their mussels (below) and arugula salad from Farmer Leo’s are among my favorites! I also have been visiting my parents every Sunday for some home cooked meals (without me having to do the work), which is always a treat. They have an amazing sunset view over the pool, roses in full bloom, and my dog Romeo just waiting for me by the door. Last weeks menu? Spaghetti with french bread from the farmer’s market and homemade meatballs with herbs pulled from my Dad’s garden.

All food aside, I had a few other outings as well. I picked up a new bottle of my favorite perfume, IF, from the newly renovated Tobi Blatt in Del Mar. Afterwards, I spent some time at Home Depot picking up plants and pots for the garden. Our entry way is looking too cute, but I am already in need of some fresh fillers.  Another trip is def in store soon! I also spent an evening out last week (before the 3 day bender that was one of my besties from college’s Bachelorette Weekend) at the Grand Opening of the new restaurant Bang Bang located in the Gaslamp. The highlight?? Not the sushi. Not the ambiance. Not the bevvy of babes in suits and ties. Bang Bang has – bar none – the most wicked bathroom decor of all time. Each stall has it’s own theme (think Harajuku and Hello Kitty), but the end stall is by far the most genius decision I have ever seen: a Ryan Gosling theme. Hellloooooo beautiful!

Mussels from Fish 101 - a week day staple

Mussels from Fish 101 – a week day staple

IF eau de parfume - the greatest scent on Earth!

IF eau de parfume – the greatest scent on Earth!

The best bathroom in history @ Bang Bang

The best bathroom in history @ Bang Bang

my last Home Depot trip

my last Home Depot trip… def gotta make another this week!

Spaghetti and homemade meatballs

Spaghetti and homemade meatballs a la Daddy 🙂

just another day in Paradise

just another day in Paradise

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