Captured: Kids Being Kids

One of life’s greatest pleasures are reveling in the delightful, vivid, hilarious expressions of children. The scrunch of a little nose, a silly napping position, or a wide eyed toothy grin always make me smile in wonder. I recently came across this link via Facebook, and boy oh boy is this child cute! Japanese photographer Toyokazu Nagano has captured a series featuring his 4 year old daughter Kanna, and a variety of interesting child props to enhance her array of poses. No sound byte necessary to see what a pistol this little girl is!

my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-26 my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-25my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-9my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-11

my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-1 my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-3 my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-30 my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-14 my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-6my-daughter-kanna-toyokazu-nagano-16


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