friday vibes

Ahhhh the feeling of a Friday! It has been a long couple weeks of inconsistent posts – you’re dying for more, I know – and I am about ready to plug in this weekend and get all caught up with yummy recipes, fun DIY projects and weekend getaway details. Having guests in town, going out of town, coming back to ants and illness and your house being up for sale, all equate to a lackluster creative spirit. And I am SO over it!

So, in an attempt to jump start my right-brain, I spent a majority of the week getting out there to run, play, dance, whatever. After this weekend, I promise a sense of normalcy will return to this lovely little haven of a blog.

That being said – it’s f*cking Friday!!!! Woohoooo! Although I will be working hard to get back on track, I will be playing hard too. Because that is what life is all about… BALANCE. So dare to stay up late, dance your ass off, flash a stranger a smile, and engage in a conversation with someone new. Sleep in, surf all day, dig your toes in the sand, and do it all again. Whatever it takes to get your gears grinding, get to it! #YOLO

Happy Friday betches




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