Those Days Photo & Zine Release

The coastal community of Encinitas – a place most outsiders see as a haven strictly for surfers, yogis and the perpetually unemployed – is filled with insanely passionate & talented artists. Recently, I was stoked to hear that my buddy Julian Martin and Brooks Sterling would be sharing the gallery space at UNIV for their photo & zine debut Those Days. Of course, being a photographer myself, I was eager to see what the boys had in store for the rest of us.

The venue itself tends to be pretty intimate, but the type of film both artists used in their collections really set a sexy tone for the evening. Guests arrived under strings of glowing Edison bulbs hung from a restored vintage Airstream, that led into the small gallery space. Once you moseyed inside, your eyes were immediately drawn to the black frames on the stark white walls. Each photo was an ode to beach life, a true tale of Encinitas living. Desillution describes the collection as a collaborative effort showcasing the north county duo’s “love for photography, simple design, travel, saltwater, concrete, wheels, girls, fun, and printed matter into a visual adventure”. All of these elements, rolled into one, made for a really special collection that evoked feelings of summer, surfing and wanderlust.

These days, it seems that the art of printed photos is a lost one. Too often do we rely on the accessibility of the internet to find and share great photos. Being able to really spend some time admiring, pondering, and even touching photographs is something most people overlook or under-appreciate. For me, being able to do so with the work of two photographers and friends that I admire and respect so much was a real treat. I enjoyed the collection so much in fact, that I purchased one of Brooks’ prints to complete my wall collage of coastal art in my bedroom.

Fans and industry friends alike sipped on cold PBR’s as the summer sun set over the beach and day slowly waned into night. The vibe of the event was rad and relaxed, drawing a substantial crowd, both local and international. The common thread that brought everyone together? A love for surf culture and an appreciation for art.

Those Days 1

Those Days 2

Those Days 3

Those Days 4

Onlookers reveling in the collection

Those Days 5

Julian Martin and friends setting up GoPro's

Julian Martin, Kevin Hackett and Dylan Bennett getting the GoPro in position

Those Days 6

Those Days 9

Those Days 8

Family & friends gathering inside

Secret Admirer

Those Days 10Those Days 11

Brooks Sterling

Brooks Sterling

Those Days 12

Sean Hibbs & Dylan Bennett

Sean Hibbs & Dylan Bennett

photo by Julian Martin

photo by Julian Martin

Those Days 14

Those Days 15

Those Days 16

photo by Brooks Sterling


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