Make Work Fun Again: Designing Your Desk

I remember a time where I used to fill idle time with redecorating. This applied to both my home and my office, and allowed me to get out that insatiable itch to organize and clean. OCD much? I think so.

Well the itch is back and in full force. I find myself letting the “to be filed” stack get dangerously high, and realized I needed to revamp my desktop system to be more effective. What is the point of having file folders and trays if you’re not going to use them? Especially when they’re crummy, plastic, drab desktop accessories. So it is time to make a change… a fall cleaning, of sorts. Back when I had an office manager blog, I frequently window shopped online for chic office accessories, and it felt good to visit some of my old bookmarked sites in search for things that would brighten up my work life.  Below are some must-have’s I have found, and I cannot wait to start sprucing my workspace up!

Make Work Fun Again: Designing Your Desk


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