Birthday Wish List

Birthdays are bittersweet. No one likes to celebrate getting old, but there’s nothing better than being surrounded by all our loved one’s and being the guest of honor at a fabulous party! I have no idea what I am going to do to celebrate my birthday, I just know that in my old age, I have come to appreciate the simple things in life. Putting forth the energy to plan something extravagant is so overrated, I would much rather spend my weekend doing all the things I love the most, like going to a nice yoga class, an afternoon swim in the ocean, dinner at the local spot with all my friends, and maybe some Orange Is The New Black to cap off my night. Is this what old age looks like? Because it sure seems fun to me.

I have been fawning over a few items at some of my favorite stores, and also have an ongoing list of bigger ticket items (computer, surfboard, wetsuit, plane ticket) on my wish list. Below are a few items I am dying over and am hoping I get to unwrap on my B-day next weekend…

Birthday Wish List

River Island gray shirt
$24 –

T shirt

River Island skirt
$57 –

Yoga pants

H M mini skirt
$13 –

Carrie Saxl necklace

Bar tool

Bath towel



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