friday vibes

It is funny how time flies when you’re having fun stressed out. I thought for sure once I made the decision to leave my post at my current job that finishing out the two weeks would be a breeze. But instead, I have been tirelessly working towards tying up all the loose ends and getting everything in place for my successor’s arrival. As a result, I have made some sacrifices, but I know once I have wrapped everything up, I can put all of my time and energy back into taking care of myself, taking great photos, and making this blog even better. On top of the added workload, I have been bidding some of my colleagues ta-ta-for-now’s, making some big-girl financial decisions, met my boyfriend’s mom for the first time, battling a stupid little cold and found out that our house is in the final stages of selling. I have experienced more emotions this past week than there are colors in the rainbow, so I am definitely ready for the weekend and the freedom that comes with it.

I have saved little bits of time for myself though, and in those moments I have found great peace. The nervousness that comes with closing one door forever and the excitement that comes with opening a new one can be a roller coaster, and the only way to get through it is to stay grounded and grateful. Whether it be in the comfort of my candlelit bedroom, in the car as I drive down the coast with all the windows down with music blaring, or on the quiet island of my yoga mat, I have found the time to reflect on all the wonderful things I have been blessed with in this life, and push myself to grow into an even more positive, beautiful space.

Yesterday, I read a story about a young photographer who decided to document his wife’s battle with breast cancer. The photos (which can be seen here) were both beautiful and sad, a very touching piece that likely feels close to home to anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer. The way in which this husband captures his wife’s slow and painful death is so intimate that it is hard not to feel connected to this young and beautiful couple who have unexpectedly embarked on this difficult journey together. But even after enduring these heartbreaking images, I was left with a renowned sense of gratitude for things I sometimes take for granted.

Good health. Great friends. A supportive and caring boyfriend. A loving family only a short drive away. Fresh air. The ocean. A positive outlook.

All things that make me feel very rich, even in light of my pending unemployment. All of these gifts I have been granted have been the reasons behind me making this decision to follow my passion and live the creative, inspiring life I have wanted for myself. Life is too short to settle for anything less than what makes you happy. And if you are lucky enough to know what it is you truly love in this life, then you should pursue it with everything in you. And if you don’t yet know what it is that you love to do, then take some time exploring the world to find out before it’s too late.




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