Seasonal Salad: Romaine, Apple + Quinoa

Sometimes, when I am feeling lazy or like I have a ton of food that isn’t necessarily cohesive, I have to improvise. I try to buy stuff that can mix and match well, so that in these instances, I can count on eating something healthy and substantial even when I haven’t planned it out. Last week I encountered one of those days, where I had a bunch of odd bits and pieces in the fridge, but did not know how I was going to make something of it. Thank goodness for Pinterest, because that little wizard of a site can make something out of nothing.

So here is what I had in the fridge at work on a warm afternoon last week:

+ Romaine lettuce

+ Seaside Market’s spinach quinoa salad

+ Cherry tomatoes

+ Sliced almonds

+ Fuji apples

+ Fat Free Balsamic Vin

It was too hot for soup, so I searched all of these ingredients (and some other odd ones I had around), and found this recipe that was perfect for a fall inspired dish. I mixed them all together and had a yummy fruity/nutty/spiced salad that was full of good-for-you-goodies. I love salads that incorporate sweet and savory, and a variety of textures, so this was right up my alley!

What other types of salads have you whipped up with stuff around the house??

Butter lettuce, apple and quinoa salad


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