Trader Joe’s Treats: Oil Up!

trader joe's essential oils

Trader Joe’s is by far my favorite place to grocery shop. The portions are small, the selection is pretty good, and the price is always right. On top of the selection of foods and beverages, TJ’s also has an array of at home products and topical treatments that rival any health foods store (and are far more affordable). In the past few months, I have accumulated quite the collection of essential oils that have greatly improved my health + appearance. So it is time to reveal all my secrets, and share with you why each of these amazing oils is a must have on your next trip to TJ’s…

organic virgin coconut oil

Coconut Oil has got to be God’s gift to this Earth. Seriously, the number in ways in which this solidified white oil can be used to your benefit is unending. From the roots on your head to the tips of your toes, this stuff works wonders. I use mine as overnight masks on my feet to give myself the perfect salon pedi. Below are just some of the ways this jar of heaven has helped make my life better.

+ Moisturizing hair mask (put on dry hair for a couple hours and rinse well)

+ Night time intensive facial moisturizer

+ Callous remover

+ Cuticle softener

+ To prevent stretch marks and get rid of cellulite

+ As a natural protective tanning oil

+ To heal sunburns

+ Eye makeup remover

+ A dab rubbed into roots or ends of hair as a de-frizzer

+ As a natural chapstick

+ Mixed with equal parts sugar to make a gentle body scrub

+ To cure athletes foot, fungus, eczema and psoriasis

+ Natural diaper cream for babies

+ a million more applications!

vitamin e oil

Vitamin E Oil is a trick I learned when I was in France. My friend Lauren (by way of my other dear friend Rocky) used this to remove her makeup at night and also as a nightly moisturizer before bed. Rumor has it that a dime sized dab of this elixir rubbed onto the face and neck each night will reduce signs of aging, and helps tighten up and smooth the skin. On top of the great things it can do for your face, Vitamin E oil can also be topically applied to scars, burns, cellulite and stretch marks to even out and tighten the skin.  Vitamin E is also a great soaking agent for long hot baths or DIY manicures to soften cuticles.

australian tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil is my newest addiction, and pack a large punch in it’s tiny packaging. This stuff will kill anything it it’s path, without causing any harm to you. Believe it or not, this essential oil – which comes from the Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia – has been dubbed a “medicine cabinet in a bottle”, and is one of the most green, sustainable, healthy oils in the world. The only caveat is that it can be very harmful if ingested orally, so don’t go drinking this shit. The list of the ways it can be used is much longer and more impressive.

+ Use a dab to treat acne

+ Anti-fungal for athletes foot, eczema, yeast infections, etc.

+ Antiseptic on cuts and burns

+ Anti-viral against cases of cold or flu (try a few drops in the bath or in your vaporizer to loosen up congestion)

+ For dandruff and dry scalp

+ Lice-killer

+ Homemade all-purpose cleaner

+ Controls mold

+ Homemade insect repellant

There are plenty of other oils with great benefits, but these three are always in my medicine cabinet. If you can stick with organic, all natural products when it comes to putting them on or in your body, you can shine your very brightest without fear of exposing yourself to artificial or chemical ingredients.


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